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Fairy & String Lights

— Fairy Lights on Summer Nights

Fairy lights & string lights ensure that your wedding will be dazzling.

string lights

String Lights: What It Is & Where We Recommend Them

String Lights are long wires that include unique LED lights with warm lighting. We install them in such a way as to provide the illumination you need in the area, to be exemplary. Warm lighting fills the whole room with all the harmony and calmness the human eye needs to feel during the evening, dinner time, and for as long as they sit at the table to enjoy the night.


In addition to the lighting’s practical part, String Lights create a memorable atmosphere that will enchant your guests and magnetize the night’s clicks.


Are you thinking of having your wedding reception on a beautiful beach or in a place with not enough lighting for your guests’ tables? The solution is String Lights!

Fairy Lights: What It Is & Where We Recommend Them

Fairy Lights are aesthetic lights that look like they arose from a beautiful fairy tale. They consist of many small decorative lights connected, installed in the reception area, in any way you wish, to create a highly romantic and fairytale feel.


They can either be placed in the air, using specific stands or wrapped around tree trunks to emphasize their presence or create a fairytale curtain somewhere in the space, converting it into an ideal spot for photos of your guests.


Fairy Lights are not recommended as a primary light source for the venue since their purpose is to amplify the lighting fixtures’ decoration.

fairy lights
fairy lights στολισμος δεντρου

What We Offer You

Are you interested in making your wedding a fairytale? Due to the cost is based on the venue structure and its needs, an experienced Magic Weddings technician will visit the reception area for the necessary analysis (measuring dimensions & taking photos). Afterward, our technician will propose to you all the ideal ways in which you will be able to “illuminate” space preferably and will inform you about the total cost.

Have you thought of another application and want to create a specific shot with string lights or fairy lights? We look forward to hearing from you.

The rental service of string lights or fairy lights is provided only in combination with a DJ for a wedding from our company and not individually.


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