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Wedding Party Accessories

— Shine Bright Like A Glow Stick

Add Glow Sticks to your wedding party, and it will look even cooler!

glow αξεσουαρ για γαμο

Glow Sticks & Glow Bracelets

A proper wedding party must also have the necessary accessories. For this reason, the only ones that fit and look on the dancefloor are the Glow Sticks and the Foam Sticks.

Glow sticks are special self-illuminating rods that you can wear as bracelets or as necklaces around the neck. They come in various neon colors and glow for several hours.

It is a must-have addition that is worth having at your wedding. We can supply you with what you request and have it available at your wedding, as long as you inform us.

LED Foam Sticks

LED Foam Sticks are rods made of styrofoam that light up internally in various colors. Using a button, you can select a specific color or make changes and patterns. They are entirely safe, and your guests can take them with them in the end.

All party accessories come with Wedding DJs, not sold separately.

led foam sticks

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