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Wedding in Evia

A Greek-American wedding after the lockdowns, which was a great success

A few words about Evia

Evia or Euboea is the second largest island in Greece and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean. It has unique landscapes, quiet beaches and wonderful images to offer to travelers from wherever they come, while at the same time it is a suitable destination for both summer and winter holidays. The important thing is that it can been reached by road and it helps the access to the guests.


For these and many other reasons it is the right place for your wedding and that is why many choose it as a destination.

dj για γαμο στην Ευβοια

A few words about the wedding in Evia

This wedding party took place at the wonderful Elimnion Resort hotel in Rovies, Evia. A large space with an unlimited amazing view, ready for a special party.


The couple (Panagiotis & Kyriaki) were originally from Greece and USA, so the guests were from different cultures, different music listening and different response time on the dance floor. On the other hand, the couple also liked different kind of music but both had exactly the same wishes, to see everyone in the dancefloor and have fun.


Magic Weddings DJs succeed to combine Greek and American culture and have all the guests on the dance floor.


The second challenge we had was closing music at 01:00 due to covid-19 restrictions. So everything had to be done faster than usual, more immediately and clearly the response of the people was exactly what it needed to get the result we wanted.

The services we offered:

Do you need a Wedding DJ in Evia?

We have the experience to help you with music entertainment for a unique wedding in Santorini, with amazing music from our professional DJs, accompanied by dance and partying until the early hours.


Τα παιδιά του Magic Weddings τα βρήκαμε από το ίντερνετ. Κάτω από τις δύσκολες συνθήκες που επικρατούν η συνεργασία που είχαμε ήταν άψογη. Το γλέντι του γάμου μας χάρη στο Νίκο και τους συνεργάτες τους ήταν τέλειο. Τα παιδιά είναι επαγγελματίες με όλη τη σημασία της λέξης και επίσης πολύ φιλικοί. Δεν έχω παραπάνω να πούμε πάρα ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ. Περάσαμε τέλεια. Τους συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα.

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