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Life’s most precious moments must be captured right!

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Why You Should Focus On Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding party’s success is judged solely by the professional Wedding DJ, which is the only person who can elevate the dancefloor during the night. Simultaneously, both photographers and videographers are the only people who capture these moments so you can remember them no matter how many years pass.

For this reason, the choice of both the Wedding DJ and your photographer-videographer requires much attention!

We cooperate with impeccable professionals who exist many years in the wedding scene, share the same passion with us to deliver flawless results in every wedding. That’s why our collaboration is perfect from the start until the end of the night.

DJ & Photographer Collaboration, Why Is It Important?

If you think this collaboration is not essential, here are some reasons to think again.

Many times photographers, wanting to have the best shot or the best image, can destroy the Wedding DJ’s work, with or without intention.

Imagine having chosen our Premium Lighting Package for your wedding, wanting to offer your guests the ultimate dancefloor lighting experience, and the photographer appearing at the last minute to set up a floodlight on the dancefloor to be able to make better shots. The only thing that manages to do at that moment is to spoil all this incredible mood we have created using moving lighting equipment you choose for the unforgettable night of your life.

For this and not only – the reason we have selected with rigorous criteria, photographers-videographer with whom we work knowing that they are top tier professionals in their field. We know what they need to capture amazing photos and not spoil the evening, but they will give you a unique collaboration and deliver excellent material.

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What We Offer You

Our photographers and videographers offer a wide range of services that you can choose from:

  • PreDay photography & video
  • Bride & groom preparations
  • Coverage of the sacrament in the church
  • Wedding party coverage
  • NextDay photography


while also, you can add:

  • Video downloads with drone
  • Wish list
  • Digital album prints
  • Final video edited from the whole wedding day

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