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Silent Disco Wedding

— Entertain your guests in style

Silent disco brings the world closer and is a perfect idea to surprise your guests with something unexpected

silent disco wedding headphones

A Unique Experience

A silent Disco wedding is a unique idea for your wedding party experience. The guests dance and enjoy themselves with the music transmitted through particular wireless LED headphones. Without headphones, you hear no music.

Magic Weddings is one of the first companies in Greece to provide the right equipment for Silent Disco Wedding and offer you this remarkable sound experience that is a big trend in weddings worldwide.

See below the top reasons to make such a choice.

You Do Not Disturb Anyone With Music

Nothing is worse than stopping the wedding party (and especially at its peak) due to the high music volume or even further, for the arrival of the police. We have faced this situation many times in the past, especially in weddings that happen in hotels, estates, backyards, and even on the beach, which causes wedding parties to end ingloriously. The reason for this problem is always a neighbor or a resident of the area that was disturbed. Marriage or not, the law is specific, and after a while, the volume of the music should be reduced to a minimum, whether it takes place outdoors or indoors.


Silent disco wedding brings the solution. We distribute wireless headphones to the guests so the wedding party can not stop and carry on until the morning, without worrying about noise pollution. Guests can adjust the headphones’ volume on their headset at the level they want, and the neighbors will hear nothing throughout the night.

silent disco wedding

Option To Choose Your Desired Music

The Silent Disco wedding allows your guests to choose their music preference. Each headset has a choice of up to 2 channels. In each stream/channel, a different DJ can play with a completely different music genre. For example, one DJ can play Disco music and the second country music. In this way, everyone will be happy, and you will have even more people on the dancefloor dancing,  regardless of the type of music they prefer. Music genres can be discussed and agreed upon booking and without commitment since we can play almost anything.

Each selected channel lights up along with the corresponding color on the headphones so that everyone can see which DJ and type of music they are currently hearing.

The possibility of up to 2 DJs is an optional and non-binding choice.

What We Offer

We can provide up to 100 headphones for your guests at your wedding and up to 2 Wedding DJs to play music at the same time.

The total number of headphones determines the final cost. We suggest to contact us to discuss your needs and make an initial price estimation.

Silent Disco Wedding’s rental service is provided only in combination with the Wedding DJs by our company and not individually.

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